Friday, November 25, 2005

AL - Burooj hospital has started its 24 hours services from 21st November. First C. section was done in the operation theatre on 24th November. Mother and Baby girl are in perfect health.FREE MEDICAL CAMPS FOR ASTHMA IS GOING TO BE HELD ON 11TH DECEMBER 2006


In the month of November 2006, 5000 patients visited Al- Burooj Medical Center.Scores of patients came for Nebulization for their asthma. New born babies were given immunization, those babies who got jaundice were given phototherapy.12 normal deliveries were held and eight C.section were done.

24th November2006

Dengue fever tests done free of cost on three patients who were having high grade fever. The test was negative. A normal delivery was conducted by the gynecologist and baby and mother are in perfect health. A . C. Section done, baby is fine and mother is improving.

21st November 2006

A lady was operated for her tonsils today by ENT Surgeon. she regained consiousness and feeling fine.

On 15th November 2006 one normal delivery was held , baby, s weight is 3.7 kg and she is in good health. Mother is also doing fine. A complicated c.section was done baby boy is just 2.1 kg he was resusicated and put in the incubator for few hours and his condition is stable. Mother is in good health.

On 14th November 2006 C. section was done by the gynecologist at 12 midnight both mother and baby girl are in good health.

We are going to have free testing for suspected Dengue fever soon. All tests would be free of cost for the needy and poor patients.

7th November 2006

A male child age one year and four months came at 12.30 pm in a precarious condition with gasping respiration and no heart sounds. He was immediately being given cardiac massage and given oxygen and applied suction, after few minutes he started to take breaths and his heart sounds became normal. He regained consciousness after 30 mins and was rushed to a nearby hospital for more intensive care.He became fully alert same day in the evenning and all his vital signs became ok .The patient parents brought a box of sweets next day and were really very happy

On 4th November 2006 two normal deliveries were conducted by the gynecologist late night . Mother and babies are in perfect health.

In the month of October 2006, 5000 patients visited Al- Burooj Medical center.14 normal Deliveries were held Both Mother and babies were ok. 7 C-section were done and the operations were successful. We have added a latest sonogram machine and cardiac monitor in the operation theatre donated by Dr Anjum Sabir. Orthopedic and general surgeon are looking after those patients need orthopedic care. One complicated surgery was held and it was successful. A lady who accidentally have a broken needle in her hand (while sewing) was successfully removed. All these procedures were done at very nominal cost. 400 patients visited laboratory and X-ray department . In the medical store quality medicines were given at reduced prices.15 patients were given free medicines for various diseases from the medical store. In the month of Ramadan Zakat worth Rs 30,000 was distributed to needy widows and old people. Free clothing's were given to the younger ones. In the asthma clinic we have three nebulization machines where free treatment are being given to asthmatic patients.

September 2006

4000 patients visited al burooj medical center. 150 patients were admitted mostly adults having flu and high grade temperature and low blood pressure. In the maternity section scores of normal deliveries took place and C-section was done for complicated deliveries Babies were given immediate care and all are ok.200 cases came for various tests in the laboratory and x-ray department.In the asthma clinic 300 cases came for nebulization. we are currently have three nebulization machines in the asthma clinic. Emergency first aid treatment was given to those in need. Orthopedic and ENT surgeons along with general surgeon are looking after their patients quite well and with utmost care. It was a real good month f as far as patient care is concerned. we didn't have any neonatal or maternal mortality at Al- burooj Medical center in the month of September 2006.

20 patients having high temperature and low blood pressure with dehydration were given Intravenous infusions on 28th and 29th september 2006. All of them recovered and feeling better.

Orthopedic Surgeon started examining patients from 19th September 2006 He saw number of patients suffering from bone diseases and arthritis.

A baby girl 2 years old came with high temperature and fits. she was immediately given treatment and her fits were controlled. she came again on 20th september and now she is ok.

20 patients came on 20th september for their asthma problem and were given nebulization free of cost.

17th September

The girl suffering from appendicitis was operated successfully and her appendix removed and she is pain free and recovering.

A lady having complications in her pregnancy was operated through C. Section on 6th september .Boy was delivered and 10 Pints of blood was given to her to save her life.she has been recovered and her baby is ok.

A girl 14 years came for pain in her right lower abdomen on 16th september 2006. Surgeon examined her and diagnosed appendicitis. she is going to be operated early morning 17th septmber.

In the month of August 2006, 3000 patients visited Al-Burooj Medical Centre,15 C-Section were performed and 18 normal deliveries were held.2 Major Surgeries were held. 200 patients came for nebulization for Asthma.20 EKG were done .20 patients were given intravenous rehydration for dehydration.200 laboratory tests an 15 X-rays were done.Newborn babies were given vaccination and health education were given to the mothers. It was observed that malnourishment is more common in those children given top feed instead of breast feeding and weaning diet is not started at the proper time.

One of the leading orthopedic surgeon would render his services at very nominal consultation fee from 11th September 2006

On 29th August one of the leading orthopedic Surgeon of Government hospital Orangi Town Visited Al Burooj Medical Center and offered his services for the people of that area.He was accompanied by a Physiotherapist who runs a Trauma center and he also offered his cooperation in helping those in need.

A new born baby was born on 27th August 2006. The weight of the baby is 4.2 kg and she was born normally.Both Mother and child are in good health.

A lady came on 21st August 2006 with no fetal movements and with bradycardia. In just one hour c.section was arranged and a healthy baby 3.5 Kg was born. she was resusicated and in good shape. Mother is also fine.

Two cases were operated By the Surgeon on 20th August, one child was having rectal polyp which was excised and another one was having scrotal abscess and torsion of the testis. Both patients are recovering.

A boy 8 years old came in the last week of July 2006 with puffiness of face and urinary problems was diagnosed to be suffering from nephrotic syndrome. His urine containing albumin and his blood report confirmed that diagnosis. He was put under appropriate medicines he returned on 10th August with urine becoming normal and his face returning to normal. He was advised to take the medicines regularly.

On 9th august at 5 am a baby girl was born with lethargy and irritability. She was put under intensive care her blood sugar was tested which was 30 mg/dl. she was being given Intravenous Dextrose and oral glucose solution. she became normal in 10 mints, she was looked after for another three hours and was discharged after her blood sugar became normal. Baby is ok and her activities are normal.

A lady came for pain abdomen and mass in her right ovarian site she was operated on 6th Aug 2006 and she is improving. A baby 2 days old having jaundice was given phototherapy and she is now doing well.

In the month of July 2006, 2500 patients visited Al-Burooj Medical Center.300 patients came in the asthma clinic.Free Nebulization were given to those in need.25 normal deliveries were held and 10 C-Section were done. Both the mother and babies were doing fine. Scores of babies were given phototherapy for physiological jaundice in the Nursery.10 patients were referred to cardiac hospital after early diagnosis of their heart ailment through EKG. Immunization against polio and DPT and Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B was provided to the newborn babies.10 cases of infective hepatitis( Jaundice) were identified and treated accordingly and all of them recovered.300 patients came for different laboratory tests. Mothers are informed about the current weight of their babies and they are keep informed about the pattern of growth and if the weight of the baby is less for her age then mother is told about that and information is given for adequate diet for normal growth.

A man came on 25th July with high grade fever and shivering, he was suffering from Malaria and was put on anti malarial medicine. He responded well and his temperature is normal.

A lady came for feeling uneasiness and sweating on 22nd July. Ekg was taken immediately and after giving initial treatment she was swiftly shifted to cardiac hospital where she was admitted and now improving.

On 21st July 2006, two babies were put in the incubators for their problems and they responding baby is 2 Kg and is having Jaundice for which phototherapy was given

In the month of June 2006, 3000 patients visited AlBurooj Medical Centre.12 Normal deliveries were held and eight C-section were done.150 patients were given nebulization in asthma clinic and 20 EKG were done and those who suffered from heart ailments were referred to the cardiac hospital.Scores of patients came to the laboratory.100 patients were given free treatment and their laboratory tests were performed without any cost. In the antenatal clinic 20 patients were booked for their problems.

A child 10 years old having right inguinal hernia was admitted at Al Burooj Medical Center and was operated on 3rd July 2006.He is doing well and his condition is stable.

A lady came with drowsiness and disorientation, she was diabetic and was taking oral medicines for diabetes, her blood sugar was tested and it was very low just 50 mg /dl . She was given intravenous dextrose water and she regained her senses in just 10 mins and was discharged after an hour of observation. she was asked for follow-up treatment and to look an eye on her blood sugar level.

Two newborn babies came on 3rd July 2006 with physiological jaundice. they were given phototherapy and their jaundice have reduced remarkably.

We are going to start an under five clinic for babies from Birth to Five years of age in which health education would be given to the mothers about child health, breast feeding and weaning diet for the babies. This will help the mother to properly look for the weight and growth and nutritional status of their children.Growth Charts would be maintained and immunization would be given to the babies.

Mothers would also be taught about oral rehdration therapy. A staff Nurse trained in the underfive clinic would look after the clinic with the help of a peadiatrician.

June 2006

A premature baby 29 weeks with weight 1kg was admitted in the Nursery, he was put in the incubator, he gained 900 grams of weight and put off the incubator and on mother,s insistance was sent home. he came back after a month( on 10th June 2006) with loss of weight and infections with weight 1.2 grams. He was again given intensive care in the incubator and the infant has gained 500 grams and the baby is improving and his clinical condition is much better.

June 2006

On 10th June 2006, a female patient age 30 years was admitted for pain in her right side of abdomen, she was having gall stones. She was operated and her gall bladder removed. she was having multiple gall stones. she recovered from her problems and on 13th June she was discharged from the Hospital. Dr Rizwan performed the surgery. He was happy at the quick recovery and best post operative care given to the patient at Al- Burooj Medical center.

May 2006

In the month of May 2006, 4000 patients visited al-Burooj Medical Center. Scores of C-section and normal deliveries were held The Mothers and newborn babies were ok.

300 patients visited the free asthma clinic for their breathing problems. More than 300 patients came for laboratory tests and sonogram. In the maternity clinic ladies came for their routine antenatal care. 100 children were admitted for various ailments. Emergencies were quickly transferred to the hospital for further treatment and follow-up .From Ist June 2006, a manager has been appointed at Al- Burooj for making administration strong and to give more facilities to the patients.

e month of June 2006, 3000 patients visited AlBurooj Medical Centre.12 Normal deliveries were held and eight C-section were done.150 patients were given nebulization in asthma clinic and 20 EKG were done and those who suffered from heart ailments were referred to the cardiac hospital.Scores of patients came to the laboratory.100 patients were given free treatment and their laboratory tests were performed without any cost. In the antenatal clinic 20 patients were booked for their problems.

A child 10 years old having right inguinal hernia was admitted at Al Burooj Medical Center and was operated on 3rd July 2006.He is doing well and his condition is stable.

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