Sunday, May 21, 2006

The month of April was another successful month for Al- Burooj Medical Center.3500 patients visited us. 12 normal deliveries were held. Both mother and babies were ok.
Nine c. section were held and all operations were successful. 5 babies were admitted to nursery and put on incubators and scores of babies were given phototherapy for their jaundice.All babies got well. One baby who was 1500grams of weight and was in incubator last month has gained 4 kilogram and now his weight is 5.5 kg.54 x-rays were done and 300 patients came for lab investigations. 150 patients were given emergency treatment and was admitted for their ailments and two patients were diagnosed to have heart attack were swiftly shifted to cardiac hospital and both are progressing well.people are coming for nebulization in asthma clinic and they are happy at this free treatment for their problems.
5 major surgeries and one minor surgery were done by a reputed surgeon who visit us from Abbasi shaheed hospital. We have an ENT specialist and two general doctors who perform round o clock duty and we have three staff nurses and one is a trained Nurse from Aga Khan Hospital. In the first week of May 2006 75 people came for their BMD ( bone MASS density) and 90 percent cases were identified as suffering from calcium deficiency. It was a free test from a pharmaceutical company ( Sandoz). We have a staff of 25 person who are performing rotational duties. we are maintaining a fool proof account of the hospital and have hired services of a qualified accountant.