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I have done my graduation in medicine from DMC, Karachi, Pakistan. Since 1981, I am working in one of Karachi's slum areas, serving the community at large.

My main interest is to work out plans to prevent childhood diseases, impart health education in the community and to create awareness against various diseases.

I am also working on herbs. It's amazing the range of complicated diseases for which herbs have a cure. Some of these diseases include AIDS and Hepatitis. However, a lot of work is still needed to find out the complete cure for such diseases.

Year 2002: Those in need of investigation were provided free facilities so that their diseases could be diagnosed. At the same time, health education was given to mothers and different methods were used to create awareness amongst them. New diagnostic methods were adopted for correct diagnosis of diseases. For diarrheal diseases, oral rehydration therapy was advocated to correct water and electrolyte imbalance. On the whole year 2002 was a success.

Year 2003: Many latest diagnostic tools have been added to make diagnostic more accurate. I am trying my best to reach a correct diagnosis at an affordable cost; and to give the best treatment to the ailing patients. I have treated over a thousand patients free of cost from January to June 2003. More diagnostic tools have been added for quick and accurate diagnosis of diseases. In June 2003, 150 patients were treated free of charge.

Some statistics:

=> 1997-1998: Over 1000 needy people were given free treatment

=> 1999: Around 1200 patients were given free treatment

=> 2000: 1500 patients were given free treatment

=> 2001: 1800 patients werer provided with free consultation and treatment

=> 2002: Around 3000 patients were given free treatment

=> 2003: 3000 patients including children were treated free of cost

=> 1st January 2004 to 30th april 2004: 600 patients were given treatment for different ailments. Needy ones were also provided free laboratory Tests.

=> December 2004: 1476 patients were given treatment.

=> January 2005: 1850 patients were given treatment.

=> February2005: 2010 patients were given treatment and consultation.
=> In March2005 2100 patients were given treatment.
=> In April 2005 1800 patients were given treatment and 140 tests were done in the laboratory.

A free four days Diabetic camp was held and about 100 patients availed this service. New diabetic cases were identified and given free treatment and guidelines for management of diabetes.

We Organized a free medical camp in the slum area on 27th March 2005, in which more than five hundred patients came for free check up and treatment. Free blood sugar testing was done and free testing of hepatitis B was also done.

Maternal and Child health center has been started functioning from 23rd May 2005, in which ladies and children would be examined and given treatment.Sonogram facilities will also be there for the needy ones.


The mission of this clinic is to serve the people in need of health care.To look after their health problems and to diagnose and treat their diseases.AIMS & OBJECTIVES

Breast feeding should be started as soon as possible after birth, usually within first hour. Cryng is the late indicator of hunger. Mothers should looked for increased alertness or activity, mouthing or rooting. This indicate that baby is hungry. Breast feeding is ideal nutrition and sufficient to support optimal growth and development for the first six months after birth.In the first six months water juice and other foods are generally unnecessary for breast-fed infant.

Immunization of the children is vital to get the child immune from so many dreadful diseases.It is the duty of the health workers and parents to ensure vaccination of children.

An old lady of 75 years of age came to my clinic on 18th june 2003.She was sufferring from chest infection. she came all alone. I asked her why are you not accompanied by anyone,dont you have any son or daughter.She said yes I do have a son but no one has time for me. She pointed her finger towards the sky and said God is with me. She looked so poor free consultation and treatment was provided to her and she is now ok and happy.

On 23rd june 2003 a man came with a 1 year old son who was having pneumonia he said Dr I am poor and I dont have any money to buy medicines. Free consultation was provided and free treatment was given to that child. The man was a bit relieved at that.He was asked to come the following day for reassessment of his child condition

On 24th june child came for followup and assessment of his condition. He is improving and will need four days treatment for complete cure of his problem.I told my assistant not to charge anything from his parents.The child,s father was so thankful to me his eyes were wet and he told me he has six kids and he is really a non affording person. I just reassured him and said dont worry about this kid his condition is far better than yesterday.I can see a smile on his face.Its also very satisfying for me .On 26th June he was examined again and now he is ok. He was asked to see me after a week.

On 5th July 2003,a number of patients were given free treatment. One such patient was a very thin and slim girl of 18 years of age looking emaciated and has low blood pressure she was given Vitamins and advised to take a balance diet. she was rehydrated By Intravenous drip. she looked fine after the treatment. Mother was quite relieved and thanked me for that treatment.
On 15th July 2003 a lady age 55 years came with umbilical hernia.she said she cant afford huge amount in her surgery. I called the Surgeon and explained the whole situation. he agreed to give a big concession in the operation charges.

A girl of about 20 years who was sufferring from multiple problems with backache, arthritis and general weakness for a long time came to my clinic in the first week of July2003,treatment was given after correct assessment of her problem she gets better and her father gave me a gift which was a handmade handicraft. He told me, my daughter has made that for you. I was so happy at this very kind gesture of my patient.

On 30th July a lady came with a two year old child diarrhea and severe dehydration. She was advised intravenous Infusion, but she said she dont have enough money for such treatment. she said she would pay nominal amount later. Her Child was given treatment and dehydration was controlled and the child became ok. I can see a smile on his mother face.

An old man of about 75 Years old came to my clinic on 1st september 2003 with throat pain and earache. he was non affording , treatment was given from my clinic and also he was given free consultation. He was so happy and I can see a sign of relief on his face.

On 5th september a man came to my clinic and requested for a home visit. I went to that man house, there was total darkness around his house and inside and I examined the lady there with the help of torch, she looked so much emaciated and her face reflected poverty she was suffering from cardiac failure.I asked the lady to continue the heart treatment and
gave her few more medicines. I didnt charge my home visit fee from them.

On 22nd october 2003 a boy of about 16 years came to my clinic with stiff fingers, he cannot move the fingers and has lost control of his hands. He was diagnosed, having calcium deficiency and was given calcium intravenously , he was alright after an hour and went home smilingly.

On 12th january2005 a 4 years old came to my clinic with inabilty to walk.Her parents were very worried , I examined the girl , she was having pain in the legs due to calcium deficiency, she was given treatment and called for a revisit next day, her pain was gone and she was able to walk freely without any discomfort.

On 5th March 2005 boy age 10 years came with temperature and irritabilty his blood test for typhoid was done and that was positive he was referred to the hospital where he was tested for various diseases and his Blood test result was exactly the same as was in my laboratory,The specialist appreciated the prompt referral and correct diagnosis in our lab. the child condition is now stable and he is improving.

On 16th april 2005, severely malnourished child of 3 years came to the clinic with complications of nutritional deficiencies, his weight was 7.5 kg( normal is 14 kg for his age). His mother was given a diet chart and was advised frequent followup visits for checking his weight and height. It is sad that in this era we do get such malnourished cases.

On 19th April 2005 a baby one and half month old came to me with weight 1.8 kg. Mother was advised to give the baby adequate milk and she was asked to bring the baby for followup.

A CP Child came to my medical center 2 weeks ago and was admitted for chest infection in a hospital, he came again on 23rd april for follow up, he was having tuberculosis, his weight was grossly low and his parents said that they are poor and cant afford antiTB medicines. they were given reassurances and I told them that his anti TB course would be free. He came again on 30th april 2005 his weight has increased and is now out of danger and improving.

A lady came to my clinic on 21st May 2005 with paralysis of her right side, she was advised CT scan. She was very poor and the cost of her CT scan brain was too much for her, I arranged for her test and she is now admitted in the hospital for further evaluation and treatment.she has an infarct on left side of her brain.
A baby 3 month old came to the medical center on 8th november 2005 with severe gastro with dehydration she was rehydrated with infusion and was ok after three hours of treatment and observation. I can see a sign of relief on the parents face after the baby opens her eyes and gives a beautiful smile to them.

1-Two children having hepatitis were cured with barley. One child took barley water for a week and his bilirubin came down to normal. The Alt value was also normal after one week.

2-An adult man who was 45 years old having hepatitis B , was given holy thistle and also liv 52 and his hepatitisB antigen test was negative in six weeks time.He gave a lavish dinner to his community at this success.

Two cases came to my above center with Hepatitis C in the month of march2004 and they were given herbal medicines along with sillliver and also liver tonic, they are responding well as their appetite is normal they have gained weight and feeling vigour and their ALT is better . I am following them and would love to see their virus negative in months time

We have started asthmatic clinic from 1st september2004 where new cases are identified and treament is being given to patients who come with an acute attack of asthma.By this free service many needy children and adults are coming to avail this opportunity and are satisfied with the service provided to them by the trained staff of the clinic. A qualified Doctor examines the patients daily in the evenning at very nominal affordable charges, examining patients and giving treatment. During the month of January 2005 physiotherapy equipments were added to give free treatment to those in need of physiotherapy.

A renowned orthopedic Surgeon visited the clinic on 12th January 2005 and appreciated the work being done in this clinic for the poor patients. He extended full support for the physiotherapy unit.

The laboratory has been renovated and tests are being done at very nominal rates.

Latest: Photos from the medical camp are up!

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